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Forever Cinematic Update: The End?

Greetings, everyone.  As you may have noticed, the posting of new movie reviews oddly ceased last month in the middle of what was supposed to be a very productive Forever Horror Month.  I do not know when or if written reviews will return to Forever Cinematic.  Firstly, I have had less free time on my hands to devote to writing of any kind as I have taken on a lot more hours at my place of employment, and I regularly get only a single day off at a time.  However, if the desire was still there to write these reviews, I’d find some time somewhere to make progress on ones that have sat partly finished for months now.  Unfortunately, despite exposing myself to more movies this year than any previous year, and writing more reviews than ever before, the feedback, comments, and interaction on this blog have gone down considerably.  Perhaps, there may still be a number of you who appreciate the reviews I have written here, but the evidence of that is almost non-existent at this point to where I feel like I’m writing for almost no one but myself.

I know that when I announced the video movie reviews earlier this year I said that they would not replace, only supplement the written ones.  That has now changed.  The video reviews will continue to be produced, but because of the time consuming nature of them, they will be rather infrequent most months.  Frankly, the video reviews have helped build up the subscribership and exposure of the RavensFilm Productions YouTube Channel, and they have gained some very positive feedback.  Also, the YouTube Channel is now monetized meaning I earn money practically anytime someone views one of those videos while the affiliate links and banners on this blog have not be prosperous at all.  In every way, the YouTube videos have expanded the fanbase and given me new motivation to work harder while here on the blog, fanbase has seemingly dwindled along with my motivation to continue producing content for it.

Again, for those who have enjoyed, or at least, respected the insights and opinions I have offered here in the written word, I greatly appreciate your time and attention.  The fact is that the amount of time, care, and extensive thought I put into these reviews is more than I can justify if next to no one really seems to care what I have to say in the written medium.  You can continue to follow future HD video reviews on YouTube.  I hope to see you there.  This blog isn’t disappearing, but I can’t say if new reviews will surface again here.  I never wanted to see this blog simply whimper and dry up, but the potential for a surgance is not impossible.  Only time will tell.

-Nick Michalak

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