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2nd Year Anniversary & Forever Horror Month Returns!

Well, it’s that time of year where we hit a double shot of special months here at Forever Cinematic.  First off, September brings the second year anniversary.  It’s very weird that it’s only been two years.  It feels like a long, long time ago when it was 2011, but 2012 feels like it was yesterday.  This year has gone by way too fast for my comfort, but I have been exposing myself to far more movies than ever before.  Anyway, I am hoping to pound out a lot of reviews before the end of September for this occasion because I am seven reviews away from my 200th review on Forever Cinematic.  Of course, I have a couple of special favorites in mind to celebrate this, and a few films I’ve been trying to get around to recently.  Last year, the 100th review landed right in the middle of Forever Horror Month in the form of Hellbound: Hellraiser II, and I’d rather have free reign to choose number 200 this year.  Many reviews are half finished waiting for time to balance itself out for me.  Plus, very shortly, I plan to do a video review retrospective on the first six films in the Star Trek franchise – the movies featuring the full original cast and crew.  That should hit in the next week.

And of course, Forever Horror Month returns this October, but I won’t be pushing for one review posted per day.  I do have over twenty horror films I want to get around to watching and reviewing, but I don’t want to overtax myself this year.  With that said, you can likely expect reviews for the Scream movies, the original Dawn of the Dead, Horror of Dracula, Poltergeist, Rick Rosenthal’s Halloween sequels, and probably a couple of rather bad horror movies.  I like to rant about crappy movies every once in a while.  You’ve gotta know which films to avoid, too.

And since September contains a Friday The 13th, I am planning to do a couple of special tributes to the slasher film franchise including an all encompassing video review of all twelve movies.  Also, ten years ago, a friend and I attempted to make a Friday The 13th fan film on a VHS camcorder.  It wasn’t much, but it’s a sentimental loose thread for me, so, I am working on a reconstruction of that 10 minute short.  All of this will appear on the RavensFilm Productions YouTube Channel in the coming weeks in addition to a review of Riddick.  I am hoping to stop procrastinating and watch and review Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick in the next week.  All three of those films will be reviewed here, in the written form, first!

I know me writing movie reviews is hardly a unique or important thing, but I have greatly enjoyed writing each and every one of these nearly 200 reviews over the last two years.  I just hope circumstances allow me to continue doing this as I have a number of film, video production, and web design obligations in September and October.  Beyond that, I am dedicating a lot more time to opening up new opportunities for myself to bolster my income.  I appreciate all of the support and feedback all of you offer, and you can expand your view of my content to that YouTube Channel with all of my short films, music videos, audio commentary tracks for my films, movie trailers, the Forever Cinematic video movie reviews, and various other things that my creativity sparks into being every so often.  So, I hope you all enjoy the reviews that are coming up.  They are a reflection of my passion and love for film, and if there are any movies you’d like to recommend to me, feel free to do so.  Thanks much, and take care!

-Nick Michalak

November Update

Now that all the horror and James Bond movies are behind me, I will be returning to a much more leisurely schedule for reviews.  Forever Horror Month was a very rigorous output of content that I will not be repeating with posting one review per day.  There will be another Forever Horror Month next October, but it will be a much smaller undertaking.  It was fun sharing all of these horror films with everyone, but I did fall behind schedule due to several factors resulting in a difficult final week.  Yet, I was determined to make good on my word in completing the month.  So, I am proud to have pushed forward all the way through to the end with a total of 41 reviews published in 31 days.

I do have a few reviews planned for the next month or so.  There has been a very analytical review of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country in progress since mid-September, and I intend to have that completed by month’s end.  I might do another Star Trek movie review depending on time and sustained interest in writing it.  If it happens, it will be posted ahead of The Undiscovered Country review.  I also have the urge to watch and write reviews of some more Highlander movies.  I have just ordered an alternate cut of Highlander: The Final Dimension on DVD for an impending review.  I have the original 1998 U.S. DVD featuring the actual director’s cut, but the 2005 and 2011 DVD releases have the European cut of the film.  So, I want to include some comparison in the review since I believe there are good and bad differences in both from what I have read.

Beyond all of that, I do still want to have reviews of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi up before the year is out.  If they do come within that time, they are certainly going to be happening in December.  And yes, I am very aware of the entire Disney purchase of Lucasfilm Limited, but until I know how Disney will handle the property of Star Wars, I have no opinion to pass upon it or the impending new trilogy of Episodes VII, VIII, & IX.  I’ll just wait and see.  It should be an interesting ride as they develop, regardless.

Lastly, you may have noticed some changes since November 1st.  This is because I decided to make Forever Cinematic an official product of RavensFilm Productions.  Since I put so much time and passion into this blog, I felt it was a logical choice to meld them together.  Nothing has changed beyond the slight cosmetics, but you can now see the Twitter feed for RavensFilm to the right under the Forever Cinematic Facebook feed.  I also expanded the social media sharing options for the blog posts.  I will be refining other minor aspects of Forever Cinematic over the coming weeks.

-Nick Michalak


IMG_0079AGreetings.  My name is Nick Michalak.  As many people are, I have been a lover of movies my entire life, but uniquely, my fandom has driven my passions further into creative realms.  From being a very amateur short story writer to screenwriter to now independent filmmaker in the suburbs of Chicago, movies are indeed a major part of my life.  However, movie reviews are something I’ve been writing since I first launched my personal website back in the mid-to-late 1990’s, and my skills in doing so have only improved over time.

Forever Cinematic is a fusion of two ideas and websites. The first was a horror movie website founded in 1998 by Joey Benedetto & myself. The name FOREVER HORROR was coined by me after Joe had many failed ideas before I joined the site as site designer and webmaster.  While the site never really took off, popularity wise, we prided ourselves on delivering reliable horror franchise news, reviews, and multimedia content.  However, over time, Joe was unable to continue contributing to the site due to school responsibilities, and thus, it fell upon me to keep the site running solo.  Even the influx of a small movie review site staff was only temporary as the site wound down at the start of 2009, and it has lied dormant since.

Meanwhile, on YouTube, I launched two channels.  The first was a revamped FOREVER HORROR multimedia archive.  The other was a more general site called Cinematic Trailers as answer to usually finding nothing but poor quality trailer uploads.  I maintained that it would be a haven for high quality trailers of classic and modern films.  Now, with the desire to begin doing movie reviews again, and to officially fuse these two channels into a joint entity, FOREVER CINEMATIC was launched!

I have prided myself on writing very thorough movie reviews over the years.  As with the YouTube channel, I was tired of going to websites to read movie reviews, and finding short, shallow, and quick and dirty reviews that gave me little to not substantive insight into the quality of a movie.  So, if I decided to post a critique of a film, it would be a well thought out collection of thoughts, feelings, and passions.  As an independent filmmaker myself, I have a strong sense of what makes a film good or bad and everything in between.  I believe I have a unique and passionate insight to offer into a all different genres of film spanning the mainstream into more obscure territory.  At the end of it all, it’s simply my own opinion, but I believe writing these reviews helps to celebrate certain films, bring attention to ones that you might not have seen, and weed out the less than desirable ones, to say the least.  I hope you will enjoy what you read here, and if you do, there’s more to be seen now via the video movie reviews over on my RavensFilm Productions YouTube Channel.  Thank you for check out Forever Cinematic.  I encourage interaction and your opinions on all of these films that I review.

-Nicholas J. Michalak